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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sweep and Mop...That's all I wanted to do!

SWEEP AND MOP...THAT'S ALL I WANTED TO DO.... Ahhh...sweep and mop the floor day...can't find the cleaning fairy so decided to tackle that bad boy by myself...started sweeping, had the radio on, dancing with the broom and my crutches of course singing at the top of my lungs and enjoying myself as much as you can while sweeping...started to sweep under the island...huh..why won't that scrap of paper move? So of course like when you vacuum I continue to attempt to sweep it rather then bend down and just pick the darn thing up...sweep sweep sweep...ok fine...I'll pick it I bent down...WHAMMO! Hit my head on the island...ok this piece of paper is now the bane of my existence I just klunked my head on the island bending down to get the bump, and go back to that stupid little scrap of paper...bent down again..this time carefully so as to NOT knock myself out...sigh...the bottom shelf on the island is was a tiny little ray of sun making a sunbeam coming from the kitchen window...NOT a scrap of paper...will be making an appointment to see the eye doctor very soon! I just wanted to sweep and mop....that's all...

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