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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TIP OF THE DAY....WAS MY FACE RED? Yes...yes it was....

When we first go married, Jim had a truck and I had a van...we pretty much stuck to driving our own vehicles. One day I needed to go to Wal-Mart, so off I went. Spent quite a bit of time in there since there were no Wal-Mart's where I lived in Philly...bought everything I needed, payed for it, and went out the van, to put the packages in, and go home...I wandered all over that parking lot! You know how it were pretty sure you parked in one spot, and it's just not there so you just keep walking all over the lot looking for it... I kept going back to that spot thinking, "I swear I parked right here". I wandered for an hour, and just kept's GOT to be here! Well...the packages were getting heavy, I was all hot and sweaty, and getting a tad frustrated. It was slowly dawning on me that somebody stole my van! I went back into Wal-Mart told them what happened and they called the police. They came quickly, took my statement and even offered me a ride home which I thought was really nice! We pull into my driveway and there it is...the policeman says... "Isn't that the van you said got stolen"?....sigh..."yes, yes it it is", as I blushed a very bright red, I kept repeating "I'm so sorry"! I had forgotten I had taken Jim's truck that day because it was parked behind my van! The policeman glanced at me with a chuckling look in his eye, but was polite enough to refrain from laughing until I got out of his car, thanking him and apologizing over and over for the misunderstanding.... I'm guessing I was the main topic of conversation for the locker room at the police station and many police dinner tables that night!I did go in and tell Jim what happened...he said, how could you forget you took the truck, you backed over the boys bikes before you left, and came in to tell me about it?? Blank stare....shut up... Tip of the day...Always ALWAYS remember which vehicle you took to the store...always....Def one of those 'Was my face red" moments!

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  1. Love, lov, LOVE this story! I have also shared it with others since I first heard it. Love you, Val!